Tony Goodwin, Pitman Poet

Below is a short radio interview with The Pitman Poet. Broadcast live on Sine Fm Radio on the 15/05/2015. The interview  gives a little insight into Tony and his album .

Below is a  video of my poem ‘This Town’                                                     Filmed in Wakefield at this years ‘With Banners Held High’ Event Fundraiser for the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign.


Welcome to the Digital Home of Tony Goodwin. (Pitman Poet)

Tony Goodwin, Pitman Poet

My track entitled, ‘King Coal’ which was featured on the Orgreave Truth and Justice compilation Cd. Track 14, alongside such notables as Billy Bragg, Sleaford Mods, Paul Heaton, New Model ARMY…etc

Orgreave Justice . A compilation Cd in support of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign.l

Enjoy My first compilation of poems.
Read by me, on my new album (Love n Loss)
Click below only £5 including postage to anywhere in the UK.

My Album Poems of Love and Loss

11 Poems read by me…

The  Old Club
Childers Street DN4
Ripper Turned Stripper
Robbers Of The Dead
King Coal
Grab A Granny.
Snap Time In The Van
PE Lesson
Star Man
Evolution V Santa
Out On The Kill

℗ Copyright Tony Goodwin 2015

25 thoughts on “Tony Goodwin, Pitman Poet”

  1. Tony Gooders Goodwin I don’t know where you’ve gone? I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying your CD. It’s made me laugh and it’s brought a tear to my eye. Fond memories of being a part of a working class community. Keep it up lad x

  2. Thanks for the CD Tony. It is brilliant. I was playing it this morning and under protest my husband was listening as well. He said I enjoyed that. Then tonight he said I’ll listen to that again in the morning, He doesn’t usually want to listen to poetry. On of my favourites is in the van. Brilliant well worth the money.x

    Lesley Merrin.

  3. Hi Tony.
    I’m Jason. I run and I’m one of a couple of people organising the Barnsley leg of We Shall Overcome over the weekend of 2nd to 4th October.
    Started post-election as a reaction to Tory cuts, these WSO concerts that will be happening all over the UK will be raising money for local food banks.

    Our event will be happening at the Barnsley Rock & Blues Venues over two stages and two days. On Saturday we will have the best of local rock, indie and acoustic. On Sunday we will have songs of protest, rebellion and rebolution, folk, spoken word and punk.
    Would you be interested in performing a short set for charity on the Sunday?

    That’s it really. If you have any questions, please drop me a line. I look forward to hearing from you .


    1. Hi Jason

      Yes no problem, I’m doing a spot in Donny too, so let me have the times please. P.S I know all about it, Joe Solo is on my friends list and I’ve encouraged two mates to set a couple up.

      Regards, Tony

  4. Heyup Tony
    A year or so ago I would never have dreamt that writing, and performing, words of poetry could in anyway help to ease the angst and pain of the Establishments rule.
    Indeed I never even knew I had the ability to share my heart-felt views this way, let alone the confidence. Then I discovered the poetry community and the open mic scene, and good folk like yourself and Joe kriss the list is endless! And, through wonderful, nights of unity, solidarity and incredible humour! like you experience at Pitmen Poets, the opportunity to share.
    Thanks for the inspiration, opportunity and platform that you help provide, for ordinary folk to stand up, have a voice and be encouraged to fight back against the unfairness, injustice and inequality that prevails in our society today.

    1. Hi Mike

      Thank you for your kind words of support and what a great venue, I may ask Pat Crawford or Paddy Oneil if I can do another set. Lol

      Thanks again, yours in solidarity. Tony Goodwin.

  5. Well what a fantastic day at Barnsley Rock And Blues venue, great crowd, great cause, lovely warm people.

    Thanks…We Shall Overcome Barnsley. And a big thanks to Jason White at alternative Barnsley for the invite.

  6. Great to meet you and your fantastic lurcher last Saturday,
    I will send you the pic when I get my e mail up and running again
    Cheers Steve.

  7. Hi folks

    Please note

    tony will be performing at the Barnsley rock n blues club (nee polish club)

    Tomorrow – Saturday the 27th February 2016

    As part of system of hate’s album launch night – “unhallowed ground”

    It’s free entry and everyone is welcome – cheap beer – 8pm doors

  8. Hi Tony,
    I am a painter (artist) and, coming from a working class background, know quite a bit about that particular problem! It will pass…. Can’t make the Polish Club gig so I will try and make the Thursday gig in March in Mexborough? Is it the third Thursday of the month? I’ll try and bring my mate who hails from Mexborough. Best, Paul

  9. Rotherham pride event is it at Clifton tony the polish club opposit Clifton park ,nice dog and good c.d enjoy you on radio Sheffield x

    1. Hi Steve

      The Rotherham pride event as been and gone. The Barnsley Rock And Blues venue, foremly know as the Polish Club, is situated near Barnsley hospital.
      Thank you for your interest.
      Regards, Tony

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